Student Leadership 

Leadership Development is a high priority at West Side Christian School. Our leadership or “bench building” program is designed for all students in 7th-12th grades.  Junior high students meet periodically during homeroom or lunchtime while 9th-12th grade students enjoy a weekly lunchtime together – all under the direction of our leadership staff.  Through example, instruction, and service opportunities, students develop the knowledge base, the character and the attitudes required to be effectual leaders and humble servants.  As students mature, the opportunities for advanced leadership and experiential learning increase through Student Leadership University, Student Council, mission trips, and other programs and events. Our Student Council is moderated by Katy Willett & Kimberly Evans (; and Student Leadership is led by Katy Willett.


Students who participate in and complete the SLU program achieve up to a 20-year head start in leadership from their peers at the time of high school graduation.  The leadership program is sponsored by parents and outside donors; however, WSCS does hold one fundraising event each year to help alleviate costs.