Academic Overview

West Side Christian School strives to provide a challenging academic curriculum in tandem with core values that build strong character and effectual leaders.  Our academic program is a complete educational experience -- preparing students for a quality post-secondary education and for life.

K4 - 6th Grade
Junior High
High School 

Our mission at West Side Christian School begins with our youngest students.  We want to instill a love of learning in every child by providing a safe and warm environment for their minds to explore, discover, and gain understanding.


Research shows that by age 9, moral and spiritual foundations are established, and by age 13, the beliefs and foundations on which all thoughts are processed and decisions are made are determined by a worldview that will change very little over time.  We take this as a serious responsibility and ensure every young heart and mind is exposed to the life of Christ and biblical truths through an accelerated curriculum and nurturing staff.


Young students consistently participate in art, music, computer lab, library, and P.E. as well as travel for educational field trips throughout the year.

West Side Christian School offers a strong curriculum in Math, Science, History, English, Foreign Language and Bible and moves students through each course in a sequence best suited for their needs and skill level.  In addition, students have opportunities to meet high school requirements and, at the same time, earn college credit through a dual enrollment program in partnership with South Arkansas Community College.

Supportive Education


The Supportive Education Program began as a cooperative partnership between The Eagle Foundation and West Side Christian School.  The program is designed to build character and self-esteem by identifying and nurturing the strengths of students while also providing specialized teacher training and academic/intervention programs for those who demonstrate learning differences and/or factors that place them at risk for poor academic performance.





Classes and projects for 3rd-8th graders that focus on two things: 

1) building self-esteem by helping students understand their God-given personalities, abilities and gifts.

2) helping students with high aptitudes and competencies reach their potential.  

This year, our enrichment program is focusing on conversational Spanish.  Students will begin learning the basics of Spanish in a fun, engaging, dynamic environment.

Instructor, Mrs. Rosa Tabe


Supportive Education Committee (SEC)

The Supportive Education Committee is comprised of professionals with expertise in education and intervention.  They meet every 6 weeks and work with the faculty to identify students needing more than traditional classroom instruction to reach their potential and to get students plugged into the right program where they can thrive.


Other Academic Enrichment 

Students have a variety of age-appropriate opportunities throughout the year to participate in educational field trips, academic competitions, and service projects.